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Seeking a certified landscaping contractor can be challenging, but if you’re looking for one, you’re in the right place. At Mendoza Landscaping Universal LLC, we are committed to offering high-quality services while maintaining competitive and budget-friendly prices. We work with residential and commercial customers in China Grove, NC, and if you’re interested in our assistance, keep reading to learn more.

What Do We Offer?


If you need pavers to improve your yard and give it a little texture, you can achieve it with our help! Paving is a part of our affordable landscaping services, so you should definitely consider hiring us to get the job done.


To make your lawn soil moist and healthy, mulching is the key. If you hire us as your landscaper, you will get excellent mulching services, which help you plant trees, flowers, and other plants without any problem.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming
Keep your trees well-groomed with our trimming options. We can remove overgrown branches and limbs to make way for a well-balanced crown. We can also remove large branches that are close to the trunk. Our prices are fair and reasonable.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal
Our tree removal services are suitable to clear a space in your property. We can get rid of some of the trees for you so you can spend time with your families and friends in a much spacious lawn. This service will surely be done cleanly.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing
Besides tending to gardens, we can also handle the maintenance of lawns through mowing. We use professional-grade equipment to correctly apply different treatments that will keep grassy spaces lush and healthy. We can mow lawns, apply weed killers, and more.

Other Services

We don’t only focus on offering the services mentioned above. Our team can also install retaining walls to elevate your yard. With this little concrete project, you can definitely expect it to improve the value of your home!

Why Hire Us?

We always see landscapes as artwork that must be kept pristine at all times. With our expertise, quality training, and education, we can offer customers innovative solutions that save them time, energy, and money. We use premium-quality materials and cutting-edge equipment to keep gardens lush, colorful, and healthy. We can tend to the needs of different species of plants and keep them in excellent condition. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch results, which often leave clients in awe. Choosing our front yard landscaping service and other options means choosing excellence.

How We Do It

Many homeowners have made us their go-to company because we are honest and methodical. Our staff consists of vetted, experienced, and well-trained technicians who can provide you with five-star assistance. We will carefully study your needs and the condition of your garden before suggesting a comprehensive maintenance program suitable for your budget. We handle all jobs while keeping non-stop, transparent communication to avoid misunderstandings. Whether you’re looking for advanced tree care options or professional landscaping services, we are the right choice for you.

Other Areas Served

If you are worried that your local area is the only place where we offer residential landscaping, don’t be. We cover other locations too, and these are the ones you should know:

  • Landis Town, NC
  • Coddle Creek Township, NC
  • Atwell Township, NC
  • Litaker Township, NC
  • Spencer Town, NC

For quality landscaping and lawn maintenance, hire Mendoza Landscaping Universal LLC. We offer a trusted lawn maintenance service in China Grove, NC. Call us to schedule today!

Client’s Testimonial
My Lawn Makes Me Comfortable Now

I booked your landscaping services because I wanted to change the layout of my garden. You handled the job perfectly and finished everything ahead of time. You won a loyal customer in me! Thank you for your help!

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  • Mulching
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Wall Retention
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